Health Assessments

Explore some ways to measure your health.

  • Preventive Care

    All IU medical plans cover in-network preventive care at 100%, meaning you can receive these and many other services through your primary care provider with no out-of-pocket costs:

    • Wellness exams and routine immunizations
    • Labs for cholesterol, TB, fasting blood sugar and A1C, and STIs
    • Screening tests such as mammograms, bone density testing, PSA, colonoscopies, and cancer screenings
    • Women’s health services including oral contraceptives, IUDs, hormone implants, injections, pap smears, and sterilization

    Some preventive services have age or quantity limits, so be sure to check with your primary care provider or insurance provider, or find more information for your medical plan here.

  • Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure Machine

    High blood pressure can lead to serious health risks. Because high blood pressure often has no symptoms, it’s important to regularly monitor your blood pressure.

    The blood pressure machine on the IUPUC campus is located at the IUPUC Campus Center, 2nd floor near stairway of Entrance 2 (near glass-enclosed “bridge” that links the second floor).

  • Ergonomic Evaluation

    Make your workspace work for you! To request an ergonomic evaluation, contact your EHS campus division.

    Check out workstation exercises, stretches, and hand and wrist exercises here. Or find Healthy IU Feel-Good Workstation Movements here.

  • Self-Assessments

    From mental well-being to heart attack risk, Healthy IU has gathered some of the best online self-assessment tools for you to see how you're doing.