Dream BIG! IU


Dreams are powerful! Dreams provide drive, direction, and purpose. They can even be life-changing. 

Healthy IU realizes pursing your dreams can sometimes be daunting, especially when life is happening all around you. It takes an enormous amount of courage to not only dream, but to take action and pursue your dreams. The Work + Life, Dream BIG! program is designed to assist IU staff and faculty with realizing and attaining their dreams through monthly individual and group coaching support. 

“...I am pretty much fulfilling my BIG DREAMS!!!
Thanks for the program—no telling how far your dreams can take you—with the program’s encouragement and goal setting.”
IUSB Faculty Member

  • About the Dream BIG! Program

    Program Purpose

    The Dream BIG! program is designed to inspire with knowledge, guide in problem-solving, and support behavior change as it relates to participants pursing and attaining their dreams.

    Program Goals

    Increase participants':

    • Thriving well-being, 
    • Sense of community,
    • Engagement at work, and
    • Attainment of their dreams.
    Program Objectives
    • Inspire participants to dream.
    • Encourage participants to pursue their dreams.
    • Coach participants in setting strategies and goals to take steps towards their dreams.
    • Connect participants with other dreamers and resources.
    • Celebrate and support participants as they live their dreams.
  • Dream BIG! Kickstarter Program

    The Dream BIG! Kickstarter is designed for IU staff and faculty who are self-motivated, but do not quite know where or how to start moving towards their dreams. This six-week quick start program provides participants the tools and strategies needed to get started on the journey to living their dreams.

    Participants will identify and prioritize their dreams, determine how much of an investment it will take to attain their dreams, tactfully map out the steps to pursue their dreams and receive tools and strategies to stay on task amid life's challenges that could derail their dreams.

    Participants will also receive group and individual support throughout the program. After the six weeks, participants will have the option to meet with a dream coach for two weeks to receive additional individual support for planning and accountability.

    The next cohort will begin in January 2024!

  • Dream BIG! 9-Month Program

    The 9-month Dream BIG! coaching program is designed for IU staff and faculty who desire an extended period of individual accountability and support while they pursue their dreams. Participants are paired with a Dream Coach who will meet with them twice a month to provide tools, strategies, encouragement, and support on their dream journey.

    Once a month, participants meet with their Dream BIG! counterparts during a group inspiration session. These sessions allow participants to support and encourage each other as well as attain valuable tips and tools that will assist them on their dream journey. 

    Coming in 2024!

  • Program Participation Opportunities

    Dream BIG! 9-month Program
    • Next cohort, January 2024!
    Dream BIG! Kick-Starter Pilot Program
    • Next cohort, Fall 2023!
    • This 6-week program will have very limited availability for participation. 
  • Dream BIG! Participant Testimonials

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  • Participants' Accomplished Dreams

    The Dream BIG! program has supported numerous individuals on their journey to living their dreams. To find out what our Dream Catchers have dared to dream and accomplished, click here.