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Indiana University recognizes the challenges of achieving a healthy integration of work roles and responsibilities with all aspects of life. Healthy IU Work + Life is designed to help all Indiana University employees lead productive, sustainable, and thriving professional and personal lives. This is achieved through providing assistance accessing benefits, educational tools, and outside resources that enhance the lives of IU faculty and staff.

Work and life are in a constant ebb and flow. It is about synergy and integration, and not about balance. Learn more about our Work + Life resources  

Our Expertise

  • Creating a Compassion Culture in the workplace
  • Best practices in work + life integration and management
  • Addressing & mitigating anxiety resulting from stress & change in the workplace
  • Alternative (flexible) work arrangements
  • Maternal health and lactation support
  • Supportlinc Employee Assistance Program
  • Support and resources for child, adult and elder care
  • Improving employees’ sense of achievement, through the Dream BIG! program

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Being in harmony with work and life is a daily learning experience. Indiana University, its partners, and community organizations provide education and enrichment opportunities for those who seek information and strategies for establishing a healthy work + life integration.

Learn more about our Work + Life Programs resources

It takes a village to raise a child. Here you’ll find child and parenting resources for IU employees including, resources for early childhood care and education, school aged before & after care, summer camps, parenting education resources and more!

Learn more about our Child & Parenting resources

Indiana University is committed to supporting the health of both mom and baby. The Maternal Health & Lactation Support pages provides information regarding: IU benefits supporting breast/chest feeding parents; assistance and resources when breast/chest feeding is not an option; campus wellness room locations for expressing milk or finding respite; and much more.

Learn more about our Maternal Health & Lactation Support resources

Caring for an adult or elderly loved one is not an easy task and you do not have to do it alone. IU employees have access to benefits, services and resources designed to meet their caregiving needs. Learn about IU benefits and other tools that simplify senior care planning or finding backup care. Find resources to promote your self-care or connect with other caregivers for support. Resources and services are also available for individuals who are personally concerned about aging.

Learn more about our Elder & Adult Care resources

Just as work and life are connected, so are mind and body. Feeling “at our best” and ready to “take on the day” revolves around many aspects — including our mental well-being.Resources and support are available to employees and members of their household who are looking for a boost in growing or maintaining their mental health.

Learn more about our Mental Health & Substance Use resources

Alternative work arrangements offer employees the opportunity to be considered for changes to their work schedules and/or locations. This supports employees’ efforts to balance the need to be productive at work with the demands of their personal lives. This flexibility also offers managers options whereby productivity can be increased and cost savings realized.

Learn more about our Alternative (Flexible) Work Schedules resources

Indiana University and its campuses’ surrounding communities offer a plethora of resources, services and programs to assist IU employees with navigating their work and personal lives. Explore education and enrichment opportunities, retirement and investment benefits, emergency assistance services, and financial management resources.

Learn more and Navigating Work & Personal Life resources

Do you need a sitter or groomer for your fur babies or assistance with errands or housekeeping? The Healthy IU Work + Life Home & Pet Care page connects you to resources and support to meet your home and pet care needs.

Learn more about our Home & Pet Care resources

Safety is very important at Indiana University. Discover university-wide and campus specific safety resources, programs, and services. Explore additional community resources such as home and neighborhood safety, safe firearms storage, domestic violence victim assistance, and more.

Learn more about our Life Safety resources

Each Indiana University campus is located in a region of the state that offers a wealth of history, art, culture, nature and activities. We invite you to explore and enjoy Indiana!

Compassion Culture at IU!

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Compassion for ourselves and others nurtures our mental/emotional, physical, and social well-being — at work and beyond! It actually strengthens resilience, boosts team dynamics, and improves leadership performance.

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