Talking to Your Primary Care Provider

Your primary care provider is an important part of your wellness team. He or she is the medical professional most familiar with your health concerns or existing conditions. A good relationship with your primary care provider is essential for quality care.

Below are are general tips for talking with your provider:

  • Be honest. A good diagnosis and treatment plan is built on patient-provider communication. It’s important to give as many details as possible about any concerns, symptoms, or issues. Make sure you discuss over-the-counter medications, supplements, and any complementary or alternative therapies you are undertaking.
  • Ask questions. Sometimes communicating your needs to health care providers can be difficult. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality knows good communication is critical to quality healthcare. Whatever the reason for your visit, it is important to be prepared. With the Question Builder, it is easy.
  • Take notes during the appointment. Do what you need to in order to remember your provider's instructions. You might even consider bringing a friend or a tape recorder along.
  • Follow up. Schedule the tests, take your medicine, get the test results.

Know Your Medical Plan

Full-time academic and staff members can join one of the university’s medical care plans.

With affordable premiums and an extensive network of providers, the plans are a major perk of IU employment. Take the time to learn the details of your plan.