Healthy IU is Indiana University’s employee wellness program.

Healthy IU offerings are free for full-time faculty and staff. Spouses on an IU-sponsored medical plan are also eligible. Check out what’s happening on your campus.

Healthy IU is a Center of Expertise of IU Human Resources.


Healthy IU will provide educational and environmental resources to foster individual wellbeing and support a culture of wellness in the workplace and beyond.


To inspire the IU community to integrate wellness into every aspect of life.


  • Respect for the uniqueness of each individual and campus.
  • Transparency in program design, delivery, and evaluation.
  • Evidence-based resources, internal expertise, and collaborative partnerships.
  • Environments, systems, and policies supportive of a healthy lifestyle and work + life needs.
  • A welcoming and inclusive environment for all.
  • Innovation and quality improvement.


Healthy IU is fortunate to have stellar resources within our campuses. Our objectives are to raise awareness, build skills and create an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice. IU is a complex system; working together we will weave a culture of wellness into the fabric of IU at the individual, departmental, campus, and university-wide levels.