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IU employees have premium access to Care.com for adults and elders. Care.com is a resource for finding and hiring pre-screened caregivers and care companies for eldercare and backup care. Eligible employees have access to a Care.com premium membership and Backup Care which includes unlimited free preliminary background checks and the use of Care.com's online scheduling system.

Care.com Benefits Overview 

Eligibility: Care.com membership and Backup Care are available to all full-time Academic and Staff employees, IU Residents, eligible Graduate Appointees, and Fellowship Recipients. Services are available nationally, so for those out of state, resources, and referrals are location specific. 

Safety: The well-being of IU employees and their families is of the highest priority. Learn more about the safety standards of Care.com. 

For additional questions contact Care.com at 855-781-1303 or email IU Human Resources at askHR@iu.edu.

  • Senior Care Planning

    Through IU's partnership with Care.com, benefits-eligible faculty, and staff can access senior care advisors. This benefit provides eligible individuals with the support and guidance of experienced Senior Care Advisors who can assist employees and their families along their journey through the uncertain terrain of senior caregiving. Senior Care Advisors provide eligible individuals with caregiving strategies, such as finding the appropriate level of care, proactively planning and paying for care, and assisting adult children whose parents do not want to accept care.

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  • Finding a Caregiver

    Locating a caregiver starts by creating an online account to access the network of individual providers. After entering the search criteria, a page will be returned with descriptions of pre-screened providers and their services.

    Additional services are available through consultations with certified Senior Care Advisors:

    • Use the senior care planning service starting with a phone call or online questionnaire.
    • Receive professional help with caregiving strategies and customized care plans.
    • Search for the appropriate type of care.
    • Plan how to deliver and pay for care.
    • Arrange virtual meetings with concerned family members across the country.
  • Backup Care

    Backup Care can help families find last-minute care providers at a reduced cost.

    Pre-registration is required.

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  • Self-care for Caregivers: IU Resources

    Sleep: Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental and physical health, quality of life, and safety.

    Time for calm: Learn the Mindful Way to Stress Reduction and help increase your mental well-being.

    Feel-good movement: Maintain and restore endurance, balance, and strength with daily physical activity. Find ways to move on your campus:

  • Adult and Elder Care Resources

    National, statewide, and local resources that provide support and services for adults, elders and their caregivers.

  • Aging

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    Aging Parents: 8 Warning Signs of Health Problems

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