Progress & Data

Learn more about the progress of Healthy IU initiatives.

  • Workplace Wellness Survey

    Work and health are related. The more we know, the better our chances of being healthy ourselves and making our workplaces healthier. That's why Healthy IU supports the Fairbanks School of Public Health Workplace Wellness Survey.

    The survey helps us:

    • Understand how well IU workplaces are supporting the health of employees,
    • Recognize strengths and challenges to health in our university community,
    • Identify opportunities for change that are actionable from an organizational standpoint,
    • Gauge progress toward a healthier IU.

    View the 2015 Survey Results!

  • Healthy IU 2020 Plan & Objectives

    Where are we going, and where have we been?

    Healthy IU's 2020 Plan & Objectives are a guiding document for Healthy IU services, and are based on a gap analysis using the Fairbanks School of Public Health Survey Data and CDC Scorecard.

    Read the Healthy IU 2020 Plan & Objectives.

    Updated May 2017


  • Ready to Move

    Ready to Move pairs upper-level or graduate students enrolled in an exercise leadership class with full-time staff and faculty who the students coach on how to utilize activity trackers to move more throughout the day. The students gain valuable coaching experience while the staff and faculty gain important knowledge about physical activity and the use of activity trackers.

    View the 2013-2017 Report.

  • Feel Great IU! Challenge

    Through this test pilot program, Healthy IU seeks to:

    1. Create fun and build camaraderie around the common goal of a healthy weight, whether you are working toward maintenance or weight loss.

    2. Find out which educational resources are most desirable to IU employees and their spouses/partners, so that we can continue to offer programs that employees and their spouses/partners truly want.

    3. Find out which educational resources are the most effective in helping IU employees and their spouses attain and maintain a healthy weight.

    4. Gather feedback to learn, grow, and make future offerings even better.

    Read the Inside IU article.

  • Sleep Great IU! Challenge

    Sleep affects just about every aspect of your life. If you aren't getting enough high-quality sleep, it can impair both your physical and mental health. Sleep is important for learning, problem solving, managing stress, and regulating mood. It also promotes a healthy immune system and helps prevent chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

    Despite the numerous benefits of sleep, many of us are struggling to meet our sleep needs. More than a third of Americans aren't getting enough sleep.

    Sleep Great IU! was a 4-week online challenge is for IU employees. During the challenge, participants worked on 8 habits that promote better sleep. Participants used a Personal Online Tracker once a week to record which habits they successfully completed for most of the week.

    View the 2016 Sleep Great IU! Summary Report.

    (More evaluation data to come from School of Nursing and School of Medicine soon!)

  • Climb IU Challenge

    Climb IU is an online challenge to encourage IU employees and their spouses to move more throughout the day! Moving throughout the day re-energizes our minds and bodies, and it’s important to our health. Participants can create a Climb IU team or register as an individual.

    Taking the stairs can be fun and convenient, and it's one of many ways to accomplish workday movement! For Climb IU, there are two options for participation:

    • Participate by climbing stairs: Those who will participate in Climb IU by taking the stairs will count every 12 stairs climbed as a flight.
    • Participate by active minutes: Those who will participate in Climb IU by active minutes will count every 3 minutes of physical activity (stretching, walking, moving as able) as a flight.

    Read the 2018 Climb IU Challenge Report.

  • Common Good

    This 4-week online practice will help participants tap into their powerful skills of:

    • Gratitude
    • Purpose
    • Effective Communication
    • and Self-Compassion

    Studies show a strong connection between these skills and our mental and physical well-being at work and home. Each week, participants will be introduced to a research-based practice that will help deepen these skills and your well-being.

    All IU employees, and their spouses, are invited to join us on this journey! Practicing is always better together, so consider inviting your spouse and co-workers to join you, too!

    Read the 2017 Common Good Report.