Share Your Wellness Story!

8 dimensions of wellness

When you share a story, you spark a story!

Everyone has a wellness story — each one is unique and inspiring. There are 8 Dimensions of Wellness, and wellness stories come in all shapes and sizes, on a variety of topics, in big and small actions.

(The 8 Dimensions of Wellness are: social, emotional, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, financial, and environmental.)

Do you know what your wellness story is? These questions might get you started:

  • What makes you feel great at work and at home?
  • Who helps you feel supported?
  • What habits help you maintain your well-being?
  • When life throws you a challenge, how do you rise to the occasion?
  • How do you define happiness? 

We want to hear YOUR story!

We want to get a clearer picture of what our culture of wellness looks like at IU. Please tell your story to Healthy IU so that we can share it with the IU community!

There are a few ways to do it . . .

Check out stories from other IU employees!

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