Planning Your Return to Work

Few changes in life are as significant as welcoming a new child into your family. For all working parents, learning to navigate work and family responsibilities is both intricate and fulfilling. Here are 4 tips for a smoother transition back to work. If you are a lactating parent, find additional tips here.

Be kind to yourself

This is rule No. 1. Your whole life has changed, and finding your “new normal” as a working parent will take time -- and some trial and error. Be kind and gentle with yourself through this journey.

Mindfulness practices can help you find space for peace, presence and acceptance.

Get familiar with the policies

Start at the source. Understanding the policies is the first step in crafting a plan for parental leave and your return to work. Below are links to the policies provided by the federal government and Indiana University. For questions about how these policies might affect you, contact your departmental HR representative or AskHR.

Communicate with your supervisor

Get and stay on the same page. As early as you feel comfortable, communicate with your supervisor about the timeline of your upcoming life event. It might be a good idea to discuss these topics: leave and return dates, projects to be covered, how you will inform your supervisor once the baby has arrived, and set expectations for communications during your leave.

Explore Child Care Options in Your Community

One of the top-priorities for working parents is finding quality care for their children. Quality child care is in high demand in many Indiana communities. It is never too soon to begin exploring child care options in your local area. Start today and get ahead.

Enroll Your Newborn or Newly Adopted Child Today!

As an IU Academic or Staff employee enrolled in a medical plan, eligible dependents can be enrolled in the same plan when a qualifying change in status occurs. Enrollment must take place within 30 days of the birth, adoption or legal guardianship.

Start Coverage

Change the beneficiaries on your base retirement and life insurance, as well as any other supplemental plans.

Begin or stop IU Tax Deferred Account.