Steering Committee

The Healthy IU Steering Committee was formed in late 2013 by former Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer MaryFrances McCourt. Members of the Healthy IU Steering Committee create initiatives aimed at continuing to improve employee health on all IU campuses. Programming plans and goals are prioritized by IU’s CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard and findings from the university’s Workplace Health and Wellness survey.

Steering Committee Members

Deb Dunbar
Director, Organizational Development

Deborah Ferguson
Assistant Director, Sustainability

Marion Greene
Research Assistant Professor, Health Policy Mgt, Fairbanks

Samia Hasan
Director, Mental Health Services & Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Dawn Weseli Hopkins
Clinical Professor, Health Science Education

Cheryl Hughes
Senior Lecturer, Human Resource Mgt & IUB Faculty Council Benefits Chair, SPEA

Mary Keck
Communications Manager, IU Studios

Vanessa Kercher
Clinical Assistant Professor, Kinesiology, School of Public Health

Beth Rupp
Medical Director, IUB Health Center

Philip Schuman
Director, Financial Literacy

Damon Spight
Faculty Recruitment Manager, IU School of Dentistry