Caregiver Resources

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Learn about national, statewide, and local support.

National & Statewide Resources

  • Aging and Caregiver Resources

    • Indiana’s CHOICE program is a statewide program that is designed to allow seniors who are at risk of nursing home placement to remain living at home or in the home of their caregiver and receive services, support, and care in those locations.
  • Cancer Caregiver Support

    • Indiana University (IU) cares about our employees and wants to provide support and
      resources in the workplace throughout diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. See the IU Cancer Support Resource Guide for IU faculty and staff and their family members. 
    • Caregiver Resources provided by the US National Library of Medicine offers a plethora of information for support and caregiver options.
    • Indiana Women in Need provides assistance to persons undergoing breast cancer treatment by providing personal services, such as child care, housekeeping, lawn maintenance, in-home pet care, and more.
    • CancerCare provides free individual and group support for anyone affected by cancer. (nationally via telephone or online). Call 1-800-813-HOPE (4673) for more information.
    • Helping improve the health and well-being of all people affected by cancer, including patients, survivors, providers, caregivers, employers and coworker, Anthem is working with national organization to create innovative resources for cancer.
  • Veteran Caregiver Support

    • VA Caregiver Support offers a services to support family caregivers. VA's Caregiver Support Line - 1-855-260-3274.
    • Cigna's Veteran Support Line will help all veterans, their families and caregivers with services and resources for legal assistance, aging, caregiving, transportation and more. Services are provided whether or not the veteran is a Cigna customer. Call 1-855-244-6211 for more information.
    • Cigna's Mindfulness for Vet's Program is specifically designed for all veterans, to provide training in mindful stress management, acceptance and compassion. The telephonic program will be available every Tuesday at 5 pm ET at 1-866-205-5379 (passcode 113 29 178).  The mindfulness sessions for all veterans, their caregivers and families take place every Monday and Thursday at 6 pm ET and every Wednesday at 8:30 pm ET at 1-866-205-5379 (passcode 113 01 992).

Area-Specific Resources