Movement Right at Your Desk/Workstation!

You don't have to leave your desk or work area to move more and feel great at work! The desk/workstation movement videos below all feature beginner level, low impact stretches and exercises that can be without equipment, anywhere! 

Remember to listen to your body! These movements should make you feel refreshed and energized. If any movement is causing pain or unusual discomfort, trust your body’s signal and stop. Also, make sure the space you are in is clear for movement.

Thank you to IU Bloomington School of Public Health students Mallory Mulzer and Reid Alexander for providing the exercises!

Wrists & Forearms (10:00)

Back (6:00)

Core (6:00)

 Lower Body (12:00)

Triceps, Shoulders, and Chest (11:00)

Full Body Workout Right at Your Desk/Workstation (12:00)

Lower Back (6:00)

Moving More Throughout Your Day (5:00)

Balance (6:00)

Feel Good Moves (7:00)

Upper Body Flexibility (10:00)

Biceps and Upper Back (6:00)

Additional Resources

ERGONOMICS: Make sure your desk/workstation setup works for you! Check out this Quick Workstation Assessment or dive deeper and analyze your setup for each workstation component. IU Environmental Health and Safety’s Ergonomics at Work webpage has more information.

HEALTHY BACK SERIES: Want a more in-depth look at back health? Check out Healthy IU’s 6-part “Healthy Back Series.” The recorded program covers common injuries and causes of back pain, proper ergonomic set up of your workstation, and how to safely lift and perform other everyday activities. It also focuses on safe and effective core stability, strengthening, and stretching exercises, with mini practical movement assignments each week.

STRETCHING REMINDERS: Check out the free Workrave break software recommended by IU Environmental Health and Safety’s Ergonomics Program. Workrave alerts you to take microbreaks and rest breaks.

TO BE PRODUCTIVE, TAKE A BREAK: Taking short breaks during the day is not only great for our physical well-being, it helps us be more productive, too! Add some movement to your break to refresh your mind and body, and boost your creativity.