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Being in harmony with work and life is a daily learning experience. Indiana University, its partners, and community organizations provide education and enrichment opportunities for those who seek information and strategies.

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  • Supporting Kids Who Learn Differently

    Thursday, November 3
    12:00 - 1:00 p.m. (ET)/ 11:00-noon (CT)

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    School always presents challenges for students who learn and think differently (ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, autism, etc.), but the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it even more obstacles for these children, as well as the parents raising them. In this talk, author and parent coach Debbie Reber, will share ideas for ways parents can best prioritize and plan in this new school landscape, as well as support their child’s cognitive and social/emotional needs while also tending to their own well-being.

    About the Speaker

    Deborah Reber, MA, is a parenting activist, New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker who moved her career in a more personal direction in 2016 when she founded TiLT Parenting, a top resource and podcast for parents like her who are raising differently wired children. A certified Positive Discipline trainer and a regular contributor to Psychology Today and ADDitude Magazine, Debbie’s newest book is Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World. In November 2018, she spoke at TEDxAmsterdam, delivering a talk entitled Why the Future Will Be Differently Wired.

    Presented by Care@Work by

  • Sharing the Caregiving: Managing Sibling Disagreements

    Tuesday, November 3
    1:00 - 2:00 p.m. (ET)/ Noon-1:00 p.m. (CT)

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    Siblings can be our best friends and partners in crime growing up. However, as adults, siblings can make caring for an aging parent challenging and stressful. You think Mom needs in-home care, your brother wants assisted living and Mom doesn't want help at all! Sound familiar? How can you and your siblings get on the same page, help Mom find the right care and not get entangled in simmering past resentments? This webinar will discuss how to create a care team, delegating responsibilities, managing sibling conflict, and coping with your own stress.

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  • Holiday Survival Guide

    Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    12:00 - 1:00 p.m. (ET)/11:00 a.m. - noon (CT)

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    We all have special feelings about the holidays. For many, it’s a wonderful time of celebration, family gatherings and joyful times. For others, it's a time of sadness and feeling overwhelmed. In this seminar, participants examine sources of holiday stress and learn strategies for coping and managing their emotions, time, relationships and finances. Participants will also share ideas for organizing holiday tasks and managing holiday demands and explore the role of holiday traditions during this unprecedented time of COVID19.

    Presented by SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program

  • Making Distance Learning Work

    Is the kitchen table your child's new classroom? This Fall, back-to-school is anything but normal. Distance learning is becoming the norm which is a huge adjustment for everyone. Devorah Heitner, PhD, an expert on young people’s relationship with digital media and technology, will join us to share practical advice and tips for how you can help your kids succeed in this new digital classroom. She’ll also discuss how parents can make this all a little easier on ourselves, too.

    About the Speaker

    Devorah Heitner, PhD, is an expert on young people’s relationship with digital media and technology. She’s the author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World and founder of Raising Digital Natives

    Presented by Care@Work

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    Additional Resources Recommended by the Speaker

    Devorah’s newsletter
    Remote school tips
    Special Education and the Coronavirus: Legal FAQs About IEPs
    Should you let your kid get that app? How to set boundaries during social distancing:
    A popular parent control app
    Devorah’s Phonewise course (discounted through the end of the year)
    The Zoom Song

  • Mindful Parenting Series

    Thursday, October 1st, 15th, 22nd, and 29th
    12:30-1:30 p.m. (ET) / 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (CT)

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    This four-part class offers clear, beginner-level guidance for developing your own daily meditation practice using breath awareness and focused attention meditation exercises. Each class offers basic instruction in the techniques of meditation in order to cultivate a sense of peace within that can be transmitted to your kids and family.

    Session Topics

    October 1: Why Mindful Parenting
    October 15: Meditation and Mindfulness
    October 22: Moving from Reactive to Responsive
    October 29: Cultivating Empathy/Perspective-Taking

    Program Facilitator: Nellie Springston, M.Ed.

  • Mental Health First Aid for Employees

    Do you know what to do if a family member, friend, or co-worker isn’t acting or behaving as they normally would? Would you know what to say to them? Every year, 1 in 4 Americans experiences a mental health issue. Despite these issues being real and common, many of us are unsure how to support a family member, friend, or coworker that we suspect is suffering with a mental illness. Just as you may learn CPR or the Heimlich maneuver, it’s important to understand basic mental health first aid strategies. In this seminar, you’ll learn an easy-to-remember approach to aid others who maybe struggling with a mental health issue.

    Presented by SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program

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    Presentation slides
    How to Ask R U OK @ Work
  • Preventing Burnout

    At one time or another, almost everyone reports feeling “burned out.” But what does “burnout” really mean? What are the signs of burnout? And if you are experiencing burnout, what can you do about it? In this seminar, participants will learn to identify the root causes of burnout, understand the negative consequences of leaving burnout unaddressed, and learn effective strategies for preventing and overcoming burnout. By learning how to take charge and make changes, participants will be empowered to overcome burnout and create greater balance in their busy lives.

    Presented by SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program

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    Presentation slides
    Burnout Self-Assessment
    Preventing Job Burnout
    Deep Breathing

  • Having Difficult Conversations about Race and Other Identities: Overview of Intergroup Dialogue

    Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) provides a unique forum to explore issues related to social identities. IGD engages in conversations focused on creating understanding. It works through the conflicts and differences that exist based on social identities. This sustained dialogue process involving four carefully structured progression steps (identified above) allows participants to discuss important, yet uncomfortable issues in a safe, supportive environment.

    This webinar provides an overview of the Intergroup Dialogue training and offers opportunities for participating in an IGD process co-sponsored by the IUPUI Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Healthy IU Work + Life.

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    Presentation slides
  • Change Management for Leaders

    This seminar is designed to familiarize participants with the elements of change. The goal is to help leaders manage the change process and understand the importance of their role in the process. We will provide an overview of each element and define each as it relates to the leaders’ role in change management. Participants will have the opportunity to share examples from their own experience for each of the elements.

    Presented by SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program

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    Presentation slides
    Dealing with Change Self-Assessment
    Dealing with Change in the Workplace
  • Compassion Fatigue

    For many of us, our day to day jobs are not only physically demanding, but mentally exhausting as well. This seminar will help you to understand what compassion fatigue is, learn to identify the signs and symptoms and provide you with practical, real-life strategies to help you combat the negative effects of compassion fatigue in your everyday life.

    Presented by SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program

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    Presentation Slides
    Life Stress Test
    Professional Quality of Life Scale


Work + Life Navigation
  • LinkedIn Work + Life Learning Library

    IU HR has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to provide current IU staff, faculty, and students with access to an online library of more than 15,000 expert-led video tutorials and courses. Expand and improve your business, technology and creative skills on your schedule, from any device, anywhere.

    Convenience: Access courses when it’s convenient for you from any desktop or mobile device. Courses are made up of short, easy to view videos. Start, stop, and return to learning on your schedule.

    Expert Instructors: Learn from a broad spectrum of industry leaders and experts including members of IU’s own faculty.

    Healthy IU Work + Life Learning Library

  • Public Safety, Race and Racial Inequity Town Hall

    Indiana University does not tolerate any acts of racism, bigotry, or prejudice and is committed to creating an inclusive environment where students, faculty, and staff can achieve their full potential.  Learn what IU is doing to work towards a more equitable and just society as education, equity, and public safety leaders express their concerns and offer next steps to mitigate racial inequity in policing and beyond.

    Find the recording here

  • Talking to Kids about Race and Racism 

    Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, a nationally recognized authority on racial issues in America and a clinical child psychologist, will explain how you can talk to and teach your kids about race, racism, and protests.

    This live Q&A webinar, hosted by CEO Tim Allen, will include guidance on how to have important – often difficult – conversations with kids of all ages about race that are empathetic, constructive, and compassionate. Presented by Care@Work by 

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    Additional resources:

    Dr. Beverly Tatum’s website 
    TED Talk: Is My Skin Brown Because I Drank Chocolate Milk?
    Social Justice Books
    Common Sense Media
    Something Happened in our Town: A Child's Story About Racial Injustice

  • 8 Dimensions of Wellness - All About You!

    Wellness weaves through 8 dimensions of our lives: physical, emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, and spiritual. Participants will explore how they currently navigate each dimension, with the opportunity to share and spark ideas in a group setting. After this session, participants will be equipped with knowledge and self-awareness to move forward confidently on their wellness journey.

    Program Facilitator: Julie Newsom, Healthy IU Communications Specialist, CHWC, CPT



  • Boundary Setting in the Time of COVID-19

    If you're working from home, setting boundaries between your work and personal life is important. Lena Burt, MSW, Healthy IU Work + Life Intern, shares strategies for creating and maintaining boundaries that simplify and order your environment.

    To view, click here.

  • Working from Home (with Kids)

    Lena Burt, MSW, Healthy IU Work + Life Intern, provides information and content to help you navigate through a workweek that combines the role of employee, parent, teacher, and activities coordinator, among other roles. Beyond having a list of activities for your kids, this presentation also reminds you to be kind to yourself and be flexible with outcomes that may look different than you are used to in the past. 

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  • Vulnerability, Empathy, and Compassion and Your Team during a Time of Change

    In this presentation, Lena Burt, MSW, Healthy IU Work + Life Intern, establishes a foundation of what empathy, compassion and vulnerability are and explains the benefits of infusing these qualities into your team. She also shares tips for building a team culture based in empathy, compassion, and vulnerability.

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    How to Support the People You Lead in Times of Uncertainty

Mental Health and Substance Use
  • Self-Regulating Stress Series

    A five-part webinar series tailored to help you self-regulate stress. Learn and practice a variety of stress management skills in this free online Healthy IU Work + Life webinar series.

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  • LinkedIn Mental Health Learning Library

    IU HR has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to provide current IU staff, faculty, and students with access to an online library of more than 15,000 expert-led video tutorials and courses. Expand and improve your business, technology and creative skills on your schedule, from any device, anywhere.

    Convenience: Access courses when it’s convenient for you from any desktop or mobile device. Courses are made up of short, easy to view videos. Start, stop, and return to learning on your schedule.

    Expert Instructors: Learn from a broad spectrum of industry leaders and experts including members of IU’s own faculty.

    Healthy IU Mental Health Learning Library

  • Cancer Survivors' Care-Fear of Recurrence: Strategies for Adaptive Coping

    This session is designed to support IU faculty and staff who have been treated for cancer in coping adaptively with cancer-related challenges. Engaging session activities will focus on promoting self-awareness, identifying and pursuing valued goals and actions, and enhancing mindfulness and compassion for self and others.

    Program Facilitator:  Shelley Johns, PSYD, ABBP, IUSM Assistant Professor of Medicine

    PowerPoint Slide Presentation

    If you would like to view the webinar recording, please contact the Work + Life office.


    Define Your Values
    Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines
    Three Quick Steps to Mindfulness
    Expanding Patterns of VBA
    FCR7 w/Scoring
    Reading List and Apps
    Values Assessment Rating
    VBA Worksheet
    Fear of Recurrence Coping Skills Flier


  • Managing Stress in the Workplace

    In this pre-recorded webinar, offered by, learn the difference between positive and negative stress, the warning signs of stress overload and strategies to stay calm, present and balanced when the going gets tough.

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  • The Path from Substance Use to Addictions

    This interactive webinar explores the path from substance use to addiction and the impact substance use has on users’ judgement, health and wellness, productivity, and more. Attendees  learn about drug characteristics, common names, signs of individual use, and the effects drugs of abuse have on their users as well as the community.

    Presented by Jim Ryser, MA, LMHC, LCAC

    PowerPoint Slide Presentation

    To view, click here.

  • Identifying Behavioral Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

    This webinar explores, in detail, behavioral signs and symptoms of substance abuse. Attendees  learn important tips for supporting loved ones who may be challenged with substance abuse, what to know when seeking help, and what to do when contacting IU Employee Assistance Program for support.

    Presented by Susan S. Day, ACSW, LCSW, LCAC, EAS-C, Manager, Indiana University Employee Assistance Program

    PowerPoint Slide Presentation

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  • Mental Health Matters

    What is the difference between mental health and mental wellness?  Do you know how to distinguish between the two? Is mental health affecting your life at work, home or play? Do you know how to maintain a life of mental wellness? This webinar will teach you why mental health matters and how to distinguish between it and mental wellness.  You will also learn how to recognize signs of when your mental wellness is in jeopardy and how to maintain mental wellness through practiced behaviors, monitoring thoughts and adjusting your actions.

    Program Facilitator: Susan S. Day, ACSW, LCSW, LCAC, EAS-C, Indiana University Employee Assistance Program Manager

    To view, click here.

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Managing the Blues

    The holiday season is a time to celebrate, give thanks, and spend time with friends and loved ones. However, it is also a time that triggers many feelings and concerns related to current stressors possibly resulting in an onset of Holiday Blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and Depression. This webinar will identify the signs and symptoms of these illnesses and discuss therapeutic treatment options. Restorative activities such as relaxation and focus, exercise, travel, and more will also be shared to assist participants with managing these illnesses. 

    Program Facilitator: Susan S. Day, ACSW, LCSW, LCAC, EAS-C, Indiana University Employee Assistance Program Manager


Aging and Caregiver Support
  • Managing Caregiving in the Era of COVID-19

    The unique circumstances of COVID-19 add an extra layer to the already complex experience of caregiving. Now more than ever, you have a keen awareness of your loved one’s needs and an eye to supporting their continued health. But senior care providers are themselves working to limit the virus’s spread, making it that much more difficult to navigate the senior care landscape. Where do you go from here?

    This webinar will addresses:

    • Ways in which the senior care landscape has been
      impacted by COVID-19
    • Considerations when arranging care during this time
    • Ways to advocate for and support your loved ones during this time

    Presented by Care@Work by

    To view click, here.

    If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and handout(s), please contact the Work + Life office. 

  • Aging and Caregiver Support Series

    This two part webinar answers common questions that arise among individuals that are aging or caring for an elderly loved one. Find out what to expect when visiting healthcare providers and tips on talking to providers about any health concerns. Learn keys to healthy aging and preventive behaviors for common ailments afflicting the aging, including Dementia and Alzheimer's. Elements of advanced care planning, such as living arrangements, health care coverage (Medicaid, Medicare, etc.), living wills, and health care power of attorney are also discussed.

    Program Facilitator: Jennifer Carnahan, MD, MPH, MA, IUSM Assistant Professor of Medicine and Research Scientist

    Click to view, week #1 and week #2.

    Week #1 PowerPoint
    Week #2 PowerPoint
  • Planning for the Financial and Legal Aspects of Long-Term Care

    Presented by, two leading experts share how you can plan ahead for the financial and legal aspects of long-term care including the various options for care, different payers and resources, how to financially prepare for long-term care, and essential documents everyone over 55 needs.

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  • Aging Well

    In this pre-recorded webinar, offered by, addresses common risk factors of aging such as falls, isolation, and memory loss.  Strategies for seniors to remain active and engaged and maximizing quality of life for those living with chronic conditions are also be explored.

    To view, click here

  • Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: Caregiving Challenges and Strategies

    This seminar reviews the different forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, and signs your loved one may have the disease. Despite the devastating nature of Alzheimer’s disease, there are supports out there that can make a difference and help you continue to connect with your Mom or Dad. Learn about caregiving strategies and types of care that can improve the quality of life for both you and your parent.

    Program Facilitator:  Jill McNamara, LICSW, Sr. Manager, Senior Care,

    To view, click here.

  • Caring for Our Parents and Ourselves

    A Fireside Chat with's VP of Senior Care and Author Jody Gastfriend

    When it comes time to provide care for those who once cared for us, it can be overwhelming. Taking the time to care for yourself is crucial, but between work, kids and your parents, how do you find the time? This engaging webinar, offered by, assists you with:

    • Setting realistic expectations with your family,
    • Get the support you need from your employer, and 
    • Ultimately embrace the positive aspects of caregiving.

    To view, click here.

  • Caught in the Middle: How to Cope as a Sandwich Generation Caregiver

    Are you juggling the care of your parents and kids while trying to focus on your job, too? If so, you are probably in the caregiving sandwich and you’re not alone. Nearly half of adults ages 40-59 are caring for both an aging parent and child and most are also in the workforce. If you are caught in the middle, don’t miss this lively and dynamic webinar, offered by in which you will learn important caregiving strategies and find ways to take care of yourself, too.

    To view, click here.

  • Advocating for a Loved One in a Healthcare Setting

    While you hope to never receive the call that mom has fallen or dad had a stroke, many families are not prepared for what happens next. Knowing the right questions to ask, how to be an effective advocate, and what documents to have in place can make a difference. In this webinar, you will learn how to communicate more effectively with healthcare providers, address grievances, and identify helpful resources.

    Program Facilitator:  Stephanie Gerberding, LCSW, Senior Care Advisor

    To view, click here.

  • Important Resources for Family Caregivers

    As family caregivers, we are often confronted with a confusing array of choices. How can you sort out the various senior living arrangements, in-home services and care options, so you can determine what’s best for your loved one? How do you find the right support for yourself so you can handle your caregiving responsibilities along with everything else? Learn about the long-term care landscape including resources and costs so that you can be an informed and proactive caregiver.

    Presented by

    To view, click here

    To receive a copy of the handouts, please contact the Work + Life office.

Breastfeeding and Maternal Health
  • Breastfeeding in the Workplace

    Renee Oswalt, RNC-OB, BSN, LCCE, Darla Hughes, BSN, RN, IBCLC, and Angela L. Reese, MSW

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    Breastfeeding in the Workplace Part 1

    Breastfeeding in the Workplace Part 2

    PowerPoint Slides

    Breastfeeding in the Workplace-IU Benefits and Support

    Breastfeeding in the Workplace Tips

  • Breastfeeding in the Workplace: Planning Your Return to Work

    Angela L. Reese, MSW

    Listen to the presentation.

    PowerPoint Presentation

    Planning for Your Return to Work

    Employees Guide to Breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding in the Workplace: How to Support Breastfeeding Employees

    Angela L. Reese, MSW

    This workshop shares with supervisors and management how they can support their employees that are breastfeeding.  Areas covered include:

    • Positive impact of breastfeeding for baby, mom and employer
    • Proper environment for expressing milk
    • Breastfeeding basics (time it takes, storage, etc.)
    • Alternate work scheduling

    To view, click here.

  • Pregnancy and Perinatal Mood Disorders

    During and after pregnancy, the body experiences many changes. Some changes may include depression, anxiety, or other perinatal mood disorders (PMD). This webinar explores why PMDs may occur and how to recognize their signs and symptoms. Attendees will learn how to prevent, address and navigate through these disorders - as well as support a partner who may be challenged with them.

    Program Facilitator:  Birdie Gunyon Meyer, RN, MA, CLC

    To view, click here.

  • Bright Financial Futures

    Sesame Street in Communities offers various pre-recorded webinars that explores ways to talk about money with young kids. They also provide resources for every age to help kids build a positive understanding of money, and a bright financial future.