What Is Work + Life?

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Many times we hear the phrase "work-life balance," but what does it really mean? How is it possible to attain a balance between work and life, when they are not equal. Work is an intregal part of life as a whole.

The attempt to find work-life balance is even more daunting with the rise of "work-life integration." This phenomenon is due to the development of new technologies that allow continual connectivity to the office, even while off the clock. The ability to easily access emails, files, and even your desktop, while away from the workplace, make it more difficult to separate other areas of life from work.

No wonder many workers struggle to find a place of balance! Work and life are in a constant ebb and flow. It is about synergy and integration, and not about balance.

Healthy IU | Work + Life provides tools, resources, and programming that support IU employees with navigating work + life integration and maintaining work + life synergy. The Work + Life website is one tool that connects IU employees to national, state, community, and campus resources that support both work and personal life needs. 

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