Wellness Rooms for Lactating Parents

The Bloomington campus currently provides 19 private wellness rooms to support Academic, Staff, and Students who are lactating. Each room is secure, clean, and easy to use. The University strives to add more rooms at a variety of locations on campus. Contact the Work-Life Consultant at 317-274-4594 for more information or to provide updates on locations. Directions for some rooms include stair climbing, but alternate directions not involving stairs can be given by contacting the Work-Life Consultant or listed room contact.

  • Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall

    Room Location: The room is located in the East Hall on the main level.  A staff member will assist you with locating the room, if needed.

  • Chemistry Building

    Room Location: A702

    How to Access: Email IUChemLactation@gmail.com and request access to the Google calendar. Users should sign up for 30 minute blocks of time on the hour or half hour.  Once on the calendar, go to the Chemistry Business Office (C115) and request a key for room A702.

    Directions: The chemistry building is located on the back side of the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU). If you are near the hotel entrance of the IMU, walk to the left and take the staircase up toward the back of the building. The Chemistry building is right across the street. Go to room C115 and request a key for room access.

  • Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB)

    Room Location: 2nd floor, Wing A, Room 251

    How to Access: UITS employees may reserve the room through the Outlook calendar (BL-UITS-CIB-Mother Room). The CIB is secure. Non-UITS employees are required to check-in with the front desk to be escorted to the room. Contact Joe Farrell at jffarrel@iu.edu with questions or concerns.

    Directions: Take 10th street, past Union Street, and across state road 46. The large building will be on the left. Turn left into the parking lot and drive past the Innovation Center into the CIB part of the area (toward the back). Upon entering the building, visit the check-in desk and tell the receptionist that you are here to visit the lactation room.  

  • Franklin Hall

    Room Location: Located through a women's restroom on the 2nd floor, room 201

    How to Access: A key is not required. It is lockable from the inside. The room can be difficult to find. Contact Kristin Martindale at kmdale@iu.edu for assistance with locating the room and learning about the room features.

    Directions: Walk down Indiana Avenue until you see the Sample Gates. Walk through the Sample Gates and turn left towards the Franklin Hall sign. Continue on this path and enter the building through the third door on your left. Walk up the stairs to the second floor. This staircase should have a wall painting. Enter through the second floor doors and take a left. Take a right at the vending machines and walk down the small area with desk stations. Turn left at the end of the hall and follow the exit sign. Walk through the door and you will see the women's restroom with the lactation room. No key is required, so be sure to knock.

  • Global & International Studies Building

    Room Location: Room 0026

    How to Access: The room can be locked from the inside, which will indicate that the room is occupied to outsiders. Reservations for the room should be completed through SharePoint. Contact gisb@indiana.edu for SharePoint calendar access.

    Directions: Walk up Jordan Avenue toward the Wells Library. Take a left on 7th street and start walking toward the Global International Studies building. Enter through the doors closest to the library that face Jordan Avenue and keep straight until you see the elevators on your left. Take the elevators down to the lower level. After exiting the elevators, the lactation room will be immediately to your right.  

  • Indiana Memorial Union (IMU)

    Room Location: Separate room located inside the women's restroom (M055A), between Sugar & Spice and the Frangipani Room

    How to Access: Obtain an access code from the IMU director's office, room M005

    Directions: To access this room, you will need to go to the IMU director’s office, room M005, to retrieve the current access code. To get to this room, go into the IMU through the hotel entrance that is located off of 7th street. Turn left when you enter through the revolving door and go up the stairs. Turn left at the top of the stairs and the office will be straight ahead. Tell the receptionist that you need the lactation room code. Once you leave the director's office, turn left. The bathroom with the lactation room will be up the hallway to the right. When the floor changes, the restroom is right there. The lactation room is straight ahead, after entering the restroom.

  • The Innovation Center

    Room Location: Cyberinfrastructure Building - 2nd floor, Wing A, Room 251

    How to Access: Employees in the Innovation Center may use the Nursing Mother’s Room that is located in the CIB.  UITS employees may reserve the room through the Outlook calendar (BL-UITS-CIB-Mother Room). The CIB is secure. Non-UITS employees are required to check-in with the front desk to obtain an access card. If you are a non-UITS employee that works in the Innovation Center, Contact Joe Farrell at jffarrel@iu.edu to make arrangements to use the room.

    Display Name:  BL-UITS-CIB-Mother Room

    Directions: See the Cyberinfrastructure Building directions.

  • Bill Garrett Fieldhouse-Royer Pool

    Room Location: Royer women's locker room

    How to Access: The room is located on the lower level of the School of Public Health (SPH) building. To access, go down the stairway that is located adjacent to the SPH Royer Foyer. Once on the lower level, there is a hallway immediately to the right. The hallway leads to the women’s locker room. An attendant is inside to answer any questions. A key is not required to access the lactation room.

    Directions: Enter the main doors of the School of Public Health (closest to the soccer fields). Upon entering, turn left and go through the door that leads to the stairs. This door is to the right of the long hallways that you will see. Go down one level to the basement and turn right and then right, again. Walk towards the locker room. There will be a sign that says lactation room near the door. When you walk through the doors, the lactation room will be on the left. Knock before entering, as this room is not locked.  

  • Kelley School of Business (Hodge Hall)

    Room Location: Room HH4071

    How to Access: Access is controlled by a key. To request a key for checkout, contact Eric Rodkin at erodkin@iu.edu.

    Directions: If you are looking at the Kelley School of Business from the School of Public Health, this building is the one on the left side of Fee Lane. Upon entering the building, walk straight back to the staircase. Walk up to the third floor and the Office of the Dean will be on the left. Enter through the doors and walk to room 3012. This room will be in the middle of the hall to the right. Eric (room contact) will take you to the lactation room. 

  • Luddy Hall

    Room Location: Room 3112

    How to Access: All SICE employees may access the room using their Crimson Card.  All others, please email sicehelp@indiana.edu for access. A whiteboard is located outside the door to indicate days and times the room is reserved. If the room is available, drop-in individuals should check-in at the East Lobby Reception Desk to ask for access. The room is located in the 3999C Computer Science hallway.

    Directions: Walk down 10th Street towards Woodlawn Avenue. Turn right at the intersection of 10th Street and Woodlawn. Keep walking straight and you will see the SICE building. Enter the front doors and walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Turn right and go to the service desk suite. Ask the receptionist for assistance to access the wellness room. The wellness room is located on the 3rd floor (Room 3112). 

  • Mathers Museum

    Visit the Information Desk for room access information.

  • Maurer School of Law

    Room Location: 3rd floor women's restroom lounge, Room 397

    How to Access: A key is not required to access the room.

    Directions: Enter the Maurer School of Law building off of Indiana Avenue. Walk towards the elevators in the middle of the lobby. Take the elevator to the third floor. Take a right after exiting the elevators. Walk all the way down to the far hallway and take a right. Follow the signs for the restrooms. The women's restroom is located immediately to the left. The lactation area and supplies are located behind the partition you will see upon entering the restroom. 

  • Memorial Stadium (Game Day Only)

    Room Location: Sheul Room E011

    How to Access: The room is located in the east side academic center near entry 25-26. A staff member will escort you to the room, if assistance is needed.

  • Myers Hall

    Room Location: Room 060

    How to Access: A key card is required to access the room. To obtain a key card, provide a scan or copy of the front of your Crimson Card to biofacil@indiana.edu. Reservations should be made by accessing the biology Google calendar. Contact Irene Newton at irnewton@indiana.edu or Farrah Bashey-Visser at fbasheyv@indiana.edu to be added to the group and reserve a time.  

    Directions: Myers Hall is located off of 3rd Street, right next to Jordan Hall. Enter Myers Hall through the main doors that face 3rd Street. Walk straight toward the back hallway and turn right at the end of the hall. Keep walking until you see a staircase. Go down one floor and turn left off of the staircase. The room will be on the right at the end of the long hallway. Scan your card on the pad and the door should open, if you were granted access. 

  • Poplars Building

    Room Location: Room 306

    How to Access: Obtain an access code from Human Resources on the main floor.

    Directions: Poplars is located at the corner of Dunn and 7th Street. Walk into the building and up the stairs to the third floor and turn right. Walk toward the end of the hall until you see room 306 on the right. The code to the room is 125. Contact the HR office if you have trouble accessing the room.

  • Psychology

    Room Location: Room 220P

    How to Access: Obtain a key from the front desk in room 120.

    Directions: This building is on 10th Street, across from the School of Public Health and to the left of the Kelley School of Business. Enter the front doors and ask the receptionists, behind the glass wall, to the right of the door, for the lactation room key. Then walk up to the second floor and follow the signs for the room number (220P). The room is in the corner of the building. Return the key when you are finished. Pull the door toward you and turn the key to the left to open the door with ease. 

  • O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs

    Room Location: Room 165

    How to Access: A key is not required to access the room.

    Directions: Walk down 10th Street toward the Kelley School of Business. Turn onto Fee Lane. Walk past the Conrad Preby's building and turn right. This will lead you toward the back entrance of the O'Neill building. Walk through the doors and take an immediate left. Walk down the hallway until you see the main staircase. The lactation room will be located in a hallway adjacent to the main staircase. If you have trouble finding this room, go to suite 320, on the third floor, to speak with someone in Human Resources. They will be more than happy to help you find the room.  

  • Student Central on Union

    Room Location: Room 103

    How to Access: Obtain an access code from the receptionist at Student Central. The room can also be reserved on Outlook and is titled, "OEM Privacy Rm 103."

    Directions: This building is on the left side of Union Street, if you are walking toward 10th Street. Walking toward the building, there will be a set of doors closest to the street. Walk past those doors to the second set of doors and walk toward the receptionist's desk. Ask the person working the desk for the code to the room. Then, turn right and walk down the hallway. The room will be on the right a few steps down the hallway. Be sure to knock before entering.  


  • W.W. Wright Education Building

    Room Location: Room 4102

    How to Access: A key is not required to access the room. Priority for Nursing Mothers except from noon - 1pm.

    Directions: Enter the Wright Education building from the back entrance off of 7th Street. When you are walking toward the building, you will see a door on your right, next to the staircase. Take that door into the building and go to the elevators. Go up to the fourth floor and take a right. Then, take a left to go down the hallway. The room will be on your left. It is a lounge for all staff to use during the 12pm-1pm lunch hour every day. The room will be adjacent, an open floor concept area on the 4th floor.

  • Wells Library

    Room Location: East Tower, 2nd floor, room 258

    How to Access: Requires a key by request from the staff at the service desk of Government Information Maps and Microforms Services (GIMMS). From the Wells Library lobby, take the stairs to the 2nd floor and enter GIMMS through the set of doors on the left at the top of the stairs.

    The room can also be accessed by taking the East Tower elevator to the 2nd floor. Upon exiting the elevator turn right, then left, then left again and proceed to the service desk.

    Directions: Enter the library through the doors closest to the Global and International Studies Building, off of Jordan Avenue. After climbing the staircase and entering the building, turn right and enter the doorway to the East Tower. Walk toward the elevator and go up to the second floor. Turn right out of the elevator and take a left into the large area. Keep walking until you see a desk in the very back left corner of the room. Retrieve the key from that desk. Then, come back toward the elevators and the room will be on the hallway to your left. There will be a blue nursing mothers' symbol on the door. Return the key to the front desk when finished.