Mind and Body for Parents

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Parenting is a journey! There can be many ups and downs along the way. It's important for parents to have support at all stages of their journey. Consider reaching out to your health care provider, mental health professional, or the IU Employee Assistance Program.

Birthing Parents
During pregnancy, your body experiences many changes. Obtain expert advice regarding pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum care.

Some experience distress such as isolation, depression, anxiety, fearful thoughts, insomnia, trauma, and other difficulties during their pregnancy journey - before, during, or after. Support groups provide a safe and caring place for connection and recovery. Click here for a list of groups that offer support at no charge. Find additional resources here.

Partners: You are often the first to notice signs of postpartum distress in the birthing parent. Check out these tips for spotting postpartum issues and supporting your partner. 

Partners Can Experience Postpartum Changes, Too
Coping with change can be challenging for both parents. Birthing and non-birthing parents can experience postpartum depression and anxiety in very different ways. Consider reaching out to your health care provider, mental health professional, or IU Employee Assistance Program if you need help.

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