Thinking About Adopting?


Are you a caring adult who is ready to share your heart, time, and life with a child? There are many types of adoptions and different avenues to adopting a child that needs a loving, committed, safe and permanent home.

  • What to Know About Adopting in Indiana

    What to Know About Adopting in Indiana provides information and resources regarding Indiana adoption laws and requirements, types of adoptions available to Indiana residents, as well as insight on the Indiana adoption process.

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  • Indiana Adoption Program

    The Department of Child Services' Indiana Adoption Program (IAP) is a statewide initiative that finds adoptive homes for Indiana's children and older youth in foster care. 

  • Independent Adoption

    Independent adoptions usually involve infant or international adoptions and are typically handled by private adoption attorneys or agencies.

    Choosing whether to use an adoption agency or attorney can be somewhat intimidating. Learn ten differences between adopting through an agency or attorney.

    Helpful Information

    Whether adopting through the Indiana Adoption Program or an agency, federal and state laws require certain actions to take place prior to finalizing the adoption. Legal Issues in Adoption, provided by the Department of Child Services, discusses the legal aspects of adoptions that every prospective adoptive parent needs to know.

    Adoption Agency Information & Rates

  • Post-Adoption Resources and Benefit Reminders

    Post-adoptive services are available and within reach to support Indiana adoptive families. Learn more about the services available in your area and updates to consider regarding your employment benefits.