Amy Treat

Amy Treat putting on shoes

Determined to Succeed — My Climb IU Story

Amy Treat, Import/Export Specialist, Laboratory Animal Resource Center, IU Indianapolis

Why I Took the Challenge

I signed up for Climb IU so that I could have an “excuse” to get up from my desk and move more. My job is very sedentary, and it is very easy for me to get focused and work through my breaks. For the challenge, I set reminders on my iPhone to walk up the stairs. Also, there were other employees in my area that were talking about this challenge and it sounded like it would be fun to be part of a team in this way.

My Experience

I was not sure I would be able to keep up the quick pace of the team and decided that I would walk the stairs alone. The first day I decided I would just try to get through the first flight of stairs alive! I was determined, and each day it got easier and I went further. By the end of the challenge, I was walking up all 5 flights!

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