Healthy Vending Initiative

What is a healthy snack?

  1. No more than 200 calories
  2. No more than 240 mg sodium
  3. Zero g trans fat and no partially hydrogenated oils
  4. No more than 1 g saturated fat (excludes nuts and seeds)
  5. No more than 25% of calories from sugar (excludes yogurt and fruit)
  6. No regular chips

What do the colors in the vending machine mean?

The goal of the healthy vending machines is to have at least 33% "green" (healthy) items and no more than 33% "red" (not-so-healthy) items. The following shows the qualifications for a "green," "yellow," or "red" item.

Green, yellow, and red items

What are some examples of the snacks available?

Examples of healthy snacks