COVID-19 & Personal Well-Being

8 dimensions of wellness


Support and resources for personal well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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For most of us, daily life does not look the same these days. Living in times of uncertainty can be overwhelming. But there are steps we can take to help us cope with stress and sustain our personal well-being — mind, body, spirit, and beyond. Below are resources gathered to support IU employees in the 8 dimensions of wellness.   

  • Physical — Health and safety, movement, nutrition, and sleep

    Health and Safety

    Physical Activity

    Note: Movement keeps us feeling great! Before, during, and after movement — listen to your body to prevent injury or overexertion.

    • A little bit goes a long way: Our bodies were made to move! Move throughout the day, even for just a couple minutes at a time, to keep your body feeling great and reduce risks of sedentary behavior. Download the Feel-Good Movements handout or watch the webinar.
    • Get outside and play: Being active in nature brings out the best in us.
    • Good for the body, good for the mind: Try these Chair Yoga poses or browse free yoga and meditation videos from Yoga with Adriene. The YMCA also offers free Tai Chi and Yoga videos, and more.
    • Physical activity and stress relief: Join Smooth Moves and the IUPUI School of Health & Human Sciences Department of Kinesiology and take 10 minutes out of your day to feel connected with your IU community through our exercise and stress management mini sessions! Join live Mondays-Thursday 11-11:10 a.m. (ET) at, or view later here.
    • Families, get active together: Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga offer free programming to make minds and bodies happy!


    • Fuel your body mindfully: This mindful eating webinar can show you how.
    • Get answers to your nutrition questions: Employees and their spouses can talk to the Healthy IU registered dietitian for free.
    • Try a new, easy, and delicious meal: Check out these dietitian-recommended recipes.
    • Make water your go-to beverage: Drinking enough water is an important way to give your body what it needs for brain function and overall health.
    • Eat your way, with a community of support: Indiana University offers WW — Weight Watchers Reimagined — at no cost to all benefit-eligible employees, and spouses covered on an IU medical plan.


    • Refresh and reset: Sleep is vital to our health and well-being. Check out Healthy IU sleep tips and more.
  • Emotional — Resilience in times of uncertainty

    • Reach out for help: Benefits-eligible employees and family members have access to the IU Employee Assistance Program through SupportLinc, which provides free, 24/7, professional, confidential counseling to help individuals bring their life into better balance, when day-to-day activities are interrupted by stress.
    • Strategize your self-care: Everyone reacts to stress differently, but there are some common strategies for coping — including taking care of your physical and social well-being, and more.
    • Take moments for peace of mind: Free, online meditations from Healthy IU are available every Tuesday and Thursday. Join IU Southeast's men's basketball coach Brad Zellner for Monday (9:00 a.m. ET) or Wednesday (7:00 p.m. ET) meditation sessions through the week of April 27. Or check out mindfulness resources and recorded guided meditations here
    • Build skills for handling stress: The recorded webinar series “Mental Well-Being: Self-Regulating Stress” provides education on topics like cultivating “grit” through adversity, art-based approaches to self-care, and more. Or check out this free, online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course and these SupportLinc toolkits on mindfulness, resiliency, and meditation.
    • Stay connected: Prioritize your social and emotional well-being while still complying with social distancing. Call, text, video message, write letters, and remember we’re all in this together.
    • Keep moving, especially outside: Research shows physical activity and time in nature have a positive effect on emotional well-being.
    • Tap into gratitude: This resource from Dr. Joel Wong, tenured Professor in the Counseling and Counseling Psychology Programs at Indiana University, provides ways to boost gratitude. 
    • Families, help kids cope with stress: Find tips for supporting children’s emotional well-being during the pandemic. Earth and Spirit Center has compiled resources for mindful parenting.
  • Occupational — Continue contributing your unique talents

    • Stay up to date on IU’s response to the COVID-19: Visit
    • Your work-related questions, answered: IU Human Resources has the latest guidance and frequently asked questions to HR-related policies.
    • Adjust to telework: Tips and guidance for employees and supervisors from IU Human Resources.
    • Tackle work-from-home technology issues: Support and guidance from University Information Technology Services (UITS).
    • Get a productivity boost: Take a quick physical activity micro-break to keep your body feeling great and your mind sharp. (This free mobile app — Rise & Recharge — helps encourage movement throughout the day.)
    • Families, keep kids happy and busy while you work: Working from home with children in the house can be a challenge. In addition to these tips, make sure to practice plenty of self-compassion. Check out the Intellectual Wellness section for more great resources to keep kids occupied with fun and educational programming.
  • Environmental — Make your workspace work for you

    • Prevent the spread of illness at work: For essential employees who work on campus, learn about preventive actions to reduce the risk of exposure.
    • Working from home? Feel great in your workspace with ergonomics resources from IU Environmental Health and Safety, learn about setting up a new at-home work station, and find tips for success when teleworking.
    • Create work/home boundaries: The recorded webinar Navigating Work + Life: Boundary Management offers tips for transitioning into and out of a working mindset when your home and office are one in the same — such as designating a specific time and space for work, dressing for work at home, and establishing a ritual for beginning and ending the work day.
  • Social — We’re all in this together

    • Understand the importance of your role: According to the National Institutes of Health, social distancing remains one of the best weapons we have to slow the silent spread of COVID-19. By participating in social distancing, you are giving health-care professionals, hospitals, and other institutions more valuable time to prepare, protect themselves, and aid the many people whose lives may be on the line from this coronavirus.
    • Emotional closeness during social distancing: Maintaining quality relationships is the foundation for emotional well-being. Call, text, video message, or even write letters to keep in touch regularly with friends and family.
    • Help others, help yourself: Helping others reduces stress. Find ways — big or small — where you can make a difference in someone’s day.
    • Families, find support for talking to kids about COVID-19: It can be a scary topic for adults and children alike. PBS and the CDC both offer guides for talking to kids about the pandemic.
  • Intellectual — Stay informed (and help kids learn at home)

    Families, check out these fun and educational resources for kids while we are all spending more time at home:

  • Financial — Navigate through difficult times

    • Get help making a financial plan: IU MoneySmarts offers virtual one-on-one financial wellness appointments and many online resources.
    • Know your health benefits: All members of IU-sponsored medical plans have access to telemedicine visits at no cost through June. Benefits-eligible employees and family members also have access to professional counseling through the IU Employee Assistance Program. Learn more.
    • Save on food expenses: Check out tips for healthy eating on a budget.
    • Need assistance? Get in touch with your local 211 (community information and referral services) if you need help finding food, paying house bills, or other essential services. 
    • Protect and manage finances during the pandemic: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers information on steps to take if you are experiencing a loss of income, having trouble paying your bills, are a financial caregiver, and more. 
  • Spiritual — Be a part of the common good

    • Take moments for peace of mind: Free, online meditations are available every Tuesday and Thursday. Or check out mindfulness resources and recorded guided meditations here.
    • Focus on your purpose: A sense of purpose and meaning not only helps us navigate uncertain times, it helps us live longer and healthier lives. Tips for finding yours.
    • Families, model empathy for kids: Parents play an important role in modeling and strengthening their child’s capacity to care for others. Earth and Spirit Center has compiled resources for mindful parenting.

Questions? Visit the Healthy IU contact page.