Schedule Your Screening

Full-time faculty and staff and their spouses/partners on an IU medical plan can take advantage of one, free on-campus screening (with informational feedback) per fiscal year.

You will be invited by e-mail to participate in the voluntary program. This process allows health services the time to provide both the screening and health information feedback you need to make wise lifestyle choices. Those on the IUPUI, IU Bloomington, IU East, IU South Bend or IU Northwest campus can schedule a screening at any time; however, we do appreciate your cooperation in our process by waiting until you receive your invitation to schedule your appointment.

When scheduling your appointment time, keep in mind that we ask you to PLEASE FAST—do not eat anything for 10–12 hours before your scheduled appointment. You may have water as much as desired and any prescription medications.

To schedule an appointment:

Health Services
317-278-5483 (278-LIVE)
Coleman Hall, Suite 100
(On campus throughout the year)

IU Bloomington
Health Center
600 N. Jordan Avenue
Please check in at Health and Wellness Education located on the 2nd floor
(On campus throughout the year)

IU East
Center for Health Promotion
Hayes Hall
(On campus in the spring)

IU Kokomo
Location varies
(On campus once a year)

IU Northwest
Campus Health and Wellness Center
1-219-980-7250 or e-mail
Dunes Medical Professional Building
(On campus throughout the year)

IU South Bend
Health and Wellness Center
Riverside Hall, 1960 Northside Blvd.
(On campus throughout the year)

IU Southeast
Location varies
(On campus 2x a year)

Location varies
(On campus once a year)