Eligibility for Free Health Screening with Incentive

Am I eligible for the health screening? What about my spouse?

The Healthy IU sponsored screenings are designated for full-time academic and staff employees who are eligible for an IU medical plan (regardless of whether or not they actually take advantage of an IU medical plan).  Their spouses who are on an IU medical plan are also able to take advantage of the Healthy IU screenings.

About the incentive:

Full time academic and staff employees and their covered spouses are eligible for a $100 (before tax) incentive upon completion of the screening (once per fiscal year, July 1 – June 9). Per IRS rules, the incentive is paid as supplemental pay and is taxed at a higher rate than normal wages. The incentive will be included in your paycheck once the screening has been completed. Your spouse incentive will be in your paycheck as well. Please allow up to 60 days for incentive processing.

If you are screened at your primary care physician:

Employees seeking screening from their physician can provide a completed verification of screening form as validation for incentive purposes. The copy of the Verification of Screening can be e-mailed to healthyu@indiana.edu or mailed to:

Healthy IU
Lockefield Village 1135
980 Indiana Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Do NOT send screening results.

Employees seeking their screening via their primary care physician are responsible for any applicable co-pay or deductible. Review your plan document for your specific health plan coverage. Healthy IU is not responsible for co-pays or deductibles.