What do you do with my health information?

Healthy IU treats your health screening information in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Data retention varies from campus to campus:

  • IU Bloomington, IUPUI, and IU South Bend: Health data is recorded in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The EMR is a stand-alone database under the sole control of IUPUI Health Services or IU Bloomington Health Center. The EMR is not connected to IU Human Resources or IU Health. The data is recorded so that it can be easily retrieved at future appointments or if you lose your copy of the screening results.
  • IU Northwest: The Health and Wellness Clinic has retained past paper health records through 2015, so your past information can be retrieved in the event your copy of the results is lost. As of 2016, health screening information is not be retained by IU or its vendors. We recommend you keep a copy of your results for future comparison.
  • IUPUC, IU East, IU Southeast, and IU Kokomo: Health screening information will not be retained by IU or its vendors at these campuses. We recommend you keep a copy of your results for future comparison.

All screening sites provide screening participant names to Healthy IU for the purpose of processing the screening incentive. Screening sites also provide a year-end report of the total number of employees screened as well as an aggregate report with the total number of health changes (i.e., number of employees that improved, stayed the same, or worsened) to the campus community. Individual health data is not shared.

The data will not be shared for research purposes, unless potential investigators obtain Internal Review Board approval for research and obtain consent from each individual to allow inclusion of that individual’s data.