Taste & Tell

What Is a Taste & Tell?

The first step in offering some healthier (and still delicious!) options in campus vending machines.

Hey, we can’t bring our lunch and snacks from home every day, and many of us wish we could make healthier food choices at work. So Healthy IU is working on adding some healthier options to campus vending machines.

But first, we needed your input! So Healthy IU held a Taste and Tell event on each IU campus to:

  • Let staff, faculty, and students taste a sampling of different food items, such as nuts, crackers, granola bars, and more.
  • Gather feedback from participants on favorite items, what price points work, how often they used the vending machines, and more.

All campuses have completed their Taste & Tell events and feedback has been gathered. Click on a campus below to view Taste & Tell results or check out healthy vending offerings/locations.