Self-regulating Stress 2.0: Coping During Difficult Times


This Healthy IU Work + Life webinar series will explore ways to self-regulate daily stress, such as preserving personal energy, managing zoom fatigue and practicing self-care. Learn more by viewing or registering for a webinar below.

  • Practicing Self-care

    This pre-recorded webinar lays a foundation for developing a self-care plan by providing an overview of the Seven Pillars of Self-care, reviewing the ethical principles and standards for self-care, and discussing the key elements of a self-care plan. Viewers will learn the basics for self-care planning and receive simple practices that can be implemented as soon as today.

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  • Preserving Your Personal Energy

    Since the global pandemic began in the Spring of 2020, many of us have experienced significant changes in our workdays and routines; from working remotely to teaching and parenting through e-learning, our days seem more full than ever and our breaks seem minimal. This presentation provides an overview of the importance of taking care of ourselves by preserving and replenishing our personal energy. Viewers will learn about the different dimensions of energy, as well as strategies to replenish personal energy. The presentation concludes by walking through the development of an energy renewal plan, a tangible tool that can be integrated into your daily routine.

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  • Zoom Fatigue

    While a large portion of the population has made the shift to working remotely, more time than ever is being spent in virtual meetings using platforms such as Zoom. Along with more time spent in virtual meetings in front of a computer screens, comes increased feelings of fatigue. This presentation provides an overview of the experience, "Zoom Fatigue," as well as suggestions and strategies on how to prevent and address it.

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  • Understanding Depression

    Everyone experiences feelings of sadness or being low on occasion, but those feelings usually pass with a little time. For some, those feelings become so intense and distressing, they affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities. In this course, you’ll learn about the types of depression, the causes, common signs and symptoms and some treatment options.

    This flash course is presented by SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program.

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  • Healthy Relationships: Unlocking the Keys to Effective Communication

    Healthy relationships require open and honest communication. Even during difficult and stressful times, there are several tactics you can use to help keep conversations positive and productive. Identify common barriers and develop key habits for healthier communication.

    Presented by SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program

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  • Mental Well-Being Series: Self-Regulating Stress

    This Spring 2020 recorded webinar series explores ways to self-regulate daily stress, such as mindfulness, setting boundaries, and developing resiliency and GRIT. 

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