Sleep Great IU! Challenge

woman sleeping

February 4-March 3
For IU employees and their spouses

Getting enough sleep can improve just about every aspect of your life! Besides giving you that wonderful, well-rested feeling, sleep is important for learning, problem solving, managing stress, and regulating mood. It also promotes a healthy immune system and helps prevent chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

But did you know? More than a third of Americans aren't getting enough sleep. 

If you would like to practice simple habits that can help you sleep well and feel more energized throughout the day, join the "Sleep Great IU!" Challenge!

How Do I Participate?

This 4-week online challenge is for IU employees and/or their spouses. During the challenge, you'll develop small, daily habits that promote better sleep. You'll use your Personal Online Tracker once a week to record which habits you successfully complete.

Here's what each week will focus on:

  • Week 1: Bedroom Environment & Sleep Duration/Consistency
  • Week 2: Avoiding Artificial Light at Night
  • Week 3: Spending Time Outside
  • Week 4: Caffeine & Alcohol Intake


Employees and their spouses are eligible for a Sleep Great IU! t-shirt and orange glasses (which help block sleep-deterring blue light) as an incentive, while supplies last.

Sleep Great IU! Resources

Note: If you currently sleep less than 4 hours per night, do not operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery and consult with a physician.