Race to the Finish

race to the finish

June 6-June 26, 2022
3-week online team physical activity challenge (pilot program)
Full-time (75% FTE or greater) appointed Academic and Staff employees and their spouses & adult dependents age 18+ enrolled in an IU-sponsored medical plan are eligible to access the challenge through Castlight

Enroll through Castlight!
Enroll in the challenge through Castlight! Click on the "Race to the Finish" tile in the "Your Activities" Section.

Castlight is a confidential digital healthcare navigator available to Indiana University employees at no cost. If you have not already set up your Castlight account, register for Castlight now. (IU employees can log in to Castlight using SSO.)  

About the Challenge

Get ready to Race to the Finish! Healthy IU is excited to offer this new team-based physical activity challenge as a pilot program through Castlight. Participating is fun and easy! You team up with your coworkers to track your physical activity—such as steps, swimming, gardening, or biking—by logging in to Castlight or linking your favorite fitness tracker. The more activity your team logs, the further you’ll move through the stages and the closer you’ll get to the finish!  

Share this flyer with your coworkers to help them sign up! 

Top 6 Questions

Check out the Race to the Finish Challenge FAQs, or take a quick view of the top challenge questions and answers below:

  • How Do I Participate?

    1. Create a Castlight Account

    If you don't already have a Castlight account, register for one. IU employees can log in to Castlight using SSO

    2. Sign Up for the Challenge

    On or after May 9, enroll in Race to the Finish via the Castlight app or website. 

    3. Get Active!

    If you want, you can link an activity tracker or app to your Castlight account to record your steps or physical activity. You can also manually log your activity.

    If you have any questions or technical issues, reach out to the supportive Castlight team!

  • Is This Only a Team Challenge, or Can I Participate as an Individual?

    Race to the Finish is a team challenge! If you don't have a team, you can request to be added to a team that needs members! 

    There can be up to six members per team. 

  • Where Can I Ask a Question?

    Check out the Race to the Finish Challenge FAQs! 

    If you still have a question, reach out to the supportive Castlight team!

  • What If I Want to Link an Activity Tracker/App to My Castlight Account?

    The following trackers/apps can be linked to your Castlight account to record your activity. You can also manually log your activity in Castlight during the challenge.

    • Fitbit
    • Garmin
    • Google Fit
    • Misfit
    • MyFitnessPal
    • Withings

    There are several ways to link your activity tracker with Castlight:

    • Before the challenge has started, select “Link a tracker” on the countdown screen and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • On your mobile device, after the challenge has started, click “Tracker not linked” on the top left of the challenge screen and follow the on-screen instructions. (This option is not available on the desktop).

    Note: If you link a tracker or app to your Castlight account, you will need to open the Castlight app during the challenge to sync your data.

  • Is There an Incentive for This Challenge?

    No. Beyond the extra motivation for feel-good physical activity offered through this friendly team competition, there is no incentive offered for Race to the Finish. 

  • What If I Prefer to Track My Activity with a PDF?

    To participate in Race to the Finish, you will need to track your physical activity via Castlight, and there is no PDF tracker.

    But if you're interested, check out these PDF versions of Healthy IU physical activity challenges below!

    Check out more Healthy IU PDF challenges on topics like hydration, sleep, and financial wellness.