Warm Up Weeks

Moving throughout the day helps our minds and bodies feel great! Learn practical ways to add more movement to your days with Healthy IU's "Warm Up Weeks!" Participants will receive daily emails with new movement tips and ideas to try. Learn more about each week below.

Note: Warm Up Weeks are the perfect way to gear up for the Move More IU Challenge (March 1-19, 2021)! 

Registration for Warm Up Weeks is now closed.
Each week is optional — you do not have to sign up for all three.

Warm Up Week 1: Movement Right at Your Desk/Workstation!
February 8-12, 2021

Get active without leaving your workspace! Each day of Warm Up Week 1, participants learn low-impact movements and stretches that will keep them loose, limber, and feeling great right where they are  no equipment required! Areas covered include: wrists/forearms, back, core, lower body, and triceps/shoulders/chest.

Warm Up Week 2: Choose to Move! Everything Counts!
February 15-19, 2021

Discover hidden "opportunities to move" (OTMs) throughout the day! To jump start your ideas, we’ll provide fun, enjoyable ways to get started. Every minute of activity counts toward daily/weekly goals, so you might be surprised how quickly OTMs add up! 

Warm Up Week 3: Activity Breaks for Your Mind and Body!
February 22-26, 2021

Designating a 5-15 minute break for physical activity refreshes your mind and body! After a physical activity break, research shows we are more productive and creative when we return to our work. This week, participants will receive resources for physical activity breaks, including: walking/wheeling, Tai Chi, Chair Yoga, dancing, and chair stretches/movements.