Move More IU Challenge

4-week online challenge
February 6-March 3, 2023
A free program open to all

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(Registration closes on February 3!)

Challenge yourself to move more throughout the day!

Physical activity helps our minds and bodies feel great! And a little bit throughout the day really goes a long way.

Sign up for Move More IU to:

  • Receive e-mails with movement tips, exercises to try, and encouragement
  • Experiment with adding short (1-15 minute) bouts of physical activity throughout the day
  • Log and track active minutes achieved
  • Incentive

    Who is eligible? 

    • IU employees
    • Spouses on an IU-sponsored medical plan 

    What: $10 Amazon e-Gift Card (which will arrive via e-mail)

    How: Eligible participants who fill out their tracker for the 4 weeks of the challenge and then complete the evaluation survey by March 10 can choose whether or not they would like the incentive.

    When: Participate in the challenge February 6-March 3, then make sure to complete the evaluation survey by March 10. Please allow a couple of weeks for Healthy IU to process your employee information and e-mail the e-gift card.

    Tax details: For some incentive programs, such as this challenge, the IRS requires the cost of the incentive to be reported as taxable income by the employer. Employees who choose to receive the challenge incentive will be taxed on their W-2 for the value of the $10 Amazon e-gift card. The taxable benefit for any spouse who chooses to receive the $10 Amazon e-gift card will also be reported on the employee’s W-2.

    Ideas for use: Consider using the e-gift card toward something for your wellness. Remember the 8 dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, environmental. Some ideas include:

    • Reusable water bottle
    • Journal or goal-setting planner
    • Tools for your garden
    • Comfy shoes or socks
    • Exercise band
    • A book on a topic you're interested in (mindfulness, racial justice, healthy cooking, etc)
    • Home first aid kit


  • Helpful Resources

    Feel your best all day! Keep these Feel-Good Movements and Activity Ideas handy.

    Set a movement goal! Use the Move Your Way Activity Planner.

    Get inspired! Check out fun movement ideas from the Physical Activity Breaks for the Workplace Resource Guide

    Take a deeper dive! Check out Healthy IU's jam-packed Physical Activity Research and Resources page

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