Gratitude Challenge

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October 3-November 14, 2022
6-week online Gratitude Challenge
For the IU Community

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Registration closes Friday, September 23!

Gratitude is the appreciation of goodness in our lives and the recognition that “the sources of this goodness lies at least partially outside the self” (Emmons & Stern, 2013). Research shows that grateful people have better physical and mental health, including lower levels of blood pressure; better quality of sleep; lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety; and higher levels of happiness.

So, how do we become more grateful people? By making gratitude practices a lifelong habit! Join the IU Gratitude Challenge to practice developing long-term habits of gratitude.

During the 6-week challenge, participants will:

  1. Engage in gratitude journaling (about 5 minutes each day; 5 days per week)
  2. Select 1 other gratitude activity to try each week from a menu of 6 activities (each activity is about 20-30 minutes long)

Learn more about the challenge below, or register today!

Gratitude Challenge Details

  • How It Works

    During the challenge, participants will focus on 2 gratitude habit-forming practices:

    Gratitude journaling will be done through the online Canvas platform at IU: If you haven’t used Canvas before, it’s quite user-friendly and can be accessed as a web-based app on your desktop computer—no need to download a mobile app.

    During registration, employees and spouses will also have the option to select their preferred mode of journal participation—private gratitude journaling, group-based gratitude journaling, or group-based gratitude journaling with a gratitude support group.

    View descriptions of all the gratitude journaling pariticipation options and their benefits.

    Gratitude Activities
    During the 6-week period of the Gratitude IU Challenge, we will also send you one email each week to remind you to select a gratitude activity for the week. You will also be able to share with us some brief feedback about the gratitude activity you participated in.

    View descriptions of all the gratitude activities and their benefits.

    To join the Gratitude IU Challenge, register here before September 23, 2022.

  • Incentive

    All IU employees, as well as spouses on an IU-sponsored medical plan, are eligible to receive a $10 Amazon e-gift card, while supplies last, for completing the challenge. More information on requesting the incentive will be available to participants after they complete the challenge. 

    "Completing the Challenge" requires: 
    • daily gratitude journaling in Canvas (more info will be sent to participants in late September)
    • tracking weekly Gratitude Activity progress in the Challenge Tracker (each participant will be sent their own personal link when the challenge starts on October 3)
    • participating in the group support or live sessions you signed up for, if any
    • completing the Evaluation Survey between November 14-November 23
  • 100 Gratitude Prompts

    To help you with your daily journaling, check out this List of 100 Questions to Generate Gratitude by Dr. Joel Wong from the IU Counseling and Educational Psychology Department, who specializes in gratitude research.

  • FAQs

    Email with any questions, or check out the Gratitude Challenge FAQs

  • Additional Support for Mental/Emotional Wellbeing

    Gratitude can offer many benefits for mental/emotional wellbeing, but if you feel like you need additional support, there is lots of help available! Learn about free, confidential counseling options through SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program. Services are provided at no cost to all employees, IU Residents, Graduate Appointees, Fellowship Recipients, and their household members.

Reference: Emmons, R. A., & Stern, R. (2013). Gratitude as a psychotherapeutic intervention. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 69(8), 846-855.