Choose an Activity

Each week of the challenge, choose to try one or more of the 14 creative experiences listed below. These experiences have been recommended or created by IU experts to benefit individual self-care and well-being. They can assist you in becoming more mindful in your daily life and can also help counter feelings of stress, burnout, anxiety, and other mental-health related concerns.


  • Try as many activities as you'd like! For the 3-week challenge, we recommend trying at least one per week.
  • Once you've tried an activity, completing the optional Creative Experiences Self-Reflection can boost your learning by offering self-awareness and a path toward future growth.
  • The "Time Required" information is just a suggestion! Feel free to give more or less time to an activity based on your interest level, schedule, and personal style. Also, there is no obligation to complete an activity all at once — feel free to divide an activity into smaller chunks as time allows!


Note: This online challenge and the exercises included do not take the place of therapy or traditional psychotherapy sessions. They are to be utilized for wellness or self-care purposes only. Learn more about free, confidential counseling options through SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program. Services are provided at no cost to all employees, IU Residents, Graduate Appointees, Fellowship Recipients, and their household members.