How to Be a Great Teammate!

What does being a great team member look like to you? Take 1 minute to jot down 3 things you could do to be an awesome teammate!

Here are some general ideas:

  1. Always giving your best effort! Set a goal that works for you and do your best to stick to it. (Learn about setting SMART goals!) Some days will be easier than others to meet your goal — be gentle with yourself on days that are busy or chaotic and get “back on the horse” when you can.
  2. Understanding that everyone is coming from a different place and is doing their best.
  3. Listening to your teammates. Get input on what works for them before setting any major team goals or planning team outings.
  4. Communicating with compassion. Positivity goes a long way — often, it goes A LOT farther than negativity or criticism.
  5. Keep perspective! We know some people really like to win. If you're highly competitive, please keep perspective. This is a FUN challenge to encourage movement. If you enjoy the benefits of your increased movement and your teammates, YOU WON!