Choose Your Challenge!

Group huddle

Choose a healthy habit that you’d like to work on, and download a printable tracker you can use to help track your progress.

Ask your coworkers, friends, or family to join you!
Looking for fun and camaraderie? All of the challenges can be done as a team. Just have each teammate use an individual tracker and participate together! Some trackers are even specifically designed for teams. 

Challenges to Download

I want to . . . Challenge length Trackers available to download
Try more Healthy IU offerings Self-paced BINGO card

Make sure I’m safe at work

15 minutes Scavenger Hunt

Take the stairs more often

3 Weeks

Team Tracker

Individual Tracker

Feel good at my workstation

3 Weeks Individual Tracker

Sleep better

4 Weeks

Day Shift Workers’ Bedside Log

Night Shift Workers’ Bedside Log

Get more active minutes 4 Weeks

Team Tracker

Individual Tracker

Walk more

3 Weeks -OR- 12 Weeks

3-week Tracker

12-week Tracker

  • For Team Leaders

    Starting a Team — Easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Download and print a team tracker or some individual trackers.
    2. Post the tracker(s) in a common area (like a breakroom or on your door).
    3. Invite people to join your team and track their progress with you.

    How to Be a GREAT Team Leader

    1. Choose a challenge that everyone can participate in, if they want.
    2. Have fun!
    3. Understand that everyone has their own idea of what’s fun! If you choose to plan any team meetings or activities, get feedback from your teammates first.

    Ideas for Team Leaders

    (Remember, ask teammates if they want to do these first!)

    • Update teammates with weekly results in a fun email.
    • Take pictures of your team participating and send them to so we can post them on social media.
    • Host a healthy pitch-in lunch to celebrate the beginning or end of the challenge. (You can find Healthy IU-approved recipes here.)
    • Recognize teammate accomplishments.