Intro to Fitness

Wednesdays, April 1-April 29
1:25-2:15 p.m.

Location information:

Work with a student coach who can help you:

  • Be more comfortable in a fitness setting
  • Learn how to use standard weight room and cardio equipment
  • Learn how to use body weight and small, portable equipment
  • Learn how to personalize your experience in a small group setting
  • Have confidence in your ability to work out on your own, either in a typical fitness setting or at home or on the job

Students in training will instruct participants in safe and effective warm up, cardio, muscle conditioning, stretching, and balance moves.
IU employees who register for this program allow students to meet their academic requirements in the course K319, Physical Activity/Exercise Leadership. Please make sure you can attend all sessions as the student’s course grade is dependent on your participation.